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>> Country Digital Education Ecosystems and Governance: A Companion to Digital Education Outlook 2023 (Ireland)

Country Digital Education Ecosystems and Governance: A Companion to Digital Education Outlook 2023 (Ireland)

This report, linked with the Digital Education Outlook 2023, provides an overview of 29 countries' (or jurisdictions') digital education ecosystem and governance. Each chapter covers the devolution of responsibilities within countries; how it affects digital education; what digital tools for management and teaching and learning are made publicly available to schools, teachers and students; how they are provided or procured; how countries ensure the security, privacy, equity and effectiveness of this digital ecosystem while keeping incentives for private education technology (EdTech) companies. The information and analysis are based on a survey on digital education infrastructure and governance, interviews with national and regional government officials as well as desk-based research. Providing for the first time a holistic view of 29 countries' and jurisdictions' digital education ecosystem and governance, this report will be of interest to policy makers, academics and education stakeholders interested in the digital transformation of education at home and internationally.

Publication date:  13 December 2023
✓ Read the publication:  Country Digital Education Ecosystems and Governance: A Companion to Digital Education Outlook 2023 (Ireland)
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