>> Education Policy in Japan: Building Bridges Towards 2030

Just Published! Japan's education system is one of the top performers compared to other OECD countries. International assessments have not only demonstrated students' and adults' high level of achievement, but also the fact that socio-economic status has little bearing on academic results. In a nutshell, Japan combines excellence with equity. This high performance is based on the priority Japan places on education and on its holistic model of education, which is delivered by highly qualified teachers and supported by the external collaboration of communities and parents. But significant economic, socio-demographic and educational challenges, such as child well-being, teacher work load and the high stakes university exam, question the sustainability of this successful model. Policy makers in Japan are not complacent, and as Japan starts implementing its Third Basic Plan for the Promotion of Education (2018-22), they are carefully analysing tomorrow's threats to Japan's current success. This report aims to highlight the many strengths of Japan's education system, as well as the challenges it must address to carry out reforms effectively and preserve its holistic model of education. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the education system delivers the best for all students, and that Japanese learners have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they need for the 21st century.

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>> OECD Reviews of Evaluation and Assessment in Education: Morocco

Just Published! Morocco has successfully increased access to schooling over the past two decades, particularly in rural areas, and ensured quasi-universal access to primary education. However, improving the educational outcomes of all young Moroccans - by ensuring access to high quality teaching and learning until the completion of secondary education - remains a challenge. A majority of students leave school without completing upper secondary education and without the basic skills required to contribute effectively to society and the economy. This review provides Morocco with recommendations to help strengthen its evaluation framework for the education system, by putting a stronger emphasis on student learning, improving accountability of actors for quality teaching and learning, and strengthening the evaluation capacity of actors at all levels.

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>> OECD Reviews of School Resources: Colombia 2018

Just Published! This country review report offers an independent analysis of major issues facing the use of school resources in Colombia from an international perspective. It provides a description of national policies, an analysis of strengths and challenges, and a proposal of possible future approaches. The analysis focuses on the funding of school education, the provision of school education and the development of the teaching profession. Rural education represents a transversal theme of the report within the context of Colombia's peace agreement and objectives to close rural-urban gaps in social and economic development. Issues covered include the level of spending, sources of funding and funding mechanisms; the organisation of the school network, including the funding of private provision; school governance, leadership and community participation; the organisation of teaching and learning, including learning standards, educational materials, student assessment, and instruction time; teacher learning in pre-service and in-service education; and teacher recruitment and career progression. The report covers all levels of compulsory education as well as transitions from early childhood education and care to school education and from school education to the labour market and tertiary education.

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>> Welcome Lithuania! The 36th Member of the OECD

>> Effective Teacher Policies: Insights from PISA

>> Education Policy Outlook 2018: Putting Student Learning at the Centre

>> Higher Education in Norway: Labour Market Relevance and Outcomes

>> Discover the New GPS Tool for OECD Country Reports on Education Policies

Launched on 11 April 2018 On the occasion of the just released publication Apprenticeship in England, United Kingdom, the OECD Education GPS is pleased to announce the launch of the OECD Country Reports of Education Policies GPS as part of the Analyse by country framework. This unique, innovative and user-friendly tool gives access to a rich and complete list of Country Reports (OECD iLibrary publications and free online PDFs) which have a long tradition in OECD's work on education and are among the most well-established products proposed by the Directorate for Education and Skills to support countries in education policy development and implementation. These tailor-made reviews, conducted by the OECD provide independent, external analysis and advice carefully grounded in evidence. They offer a unique opportunity for countries to share experiences and learn from each other. Comparative data such as PISA, PIAAC, OECD Education Indicators, TALIS and international research / policy evidence allow countries to learn more about their own education policies by comparing their experience to that of other countries. Navigate now through the online library of Country Reports of Education Policies by selecting Country reports and publications in the Analyse by country strand of the OECD Education GPS or by choosing from the list at the right of this homepage.

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