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Base Theme

Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC): Full selection of indicators
Education at a Glance 2014 and EAG 2015 Interim Report: Full selection of indicators
PISA 2012: Full selection of indicators
TALIS 2013: Full selection of indicators
The output of educational institutions, access to education and participation (EAG 2014 and EAG 2015 Interim Report)
Economic and social outcomes of education and transition to the labour market (EAG 2014 and EAG 2015 Interim Report)
Financial and human resources invested in education (Chapter B, EAG 2014)
The learning environment and organisation of schools (Chapter D, EAG 2014)
Early childhood education and care
Gender differences in education
Impact of the global economic crisis on education
Demographic, social and economic indicators