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Base Theme

Education at a Glance 2021 (EAG 2021): Highlights
EAG 2021, Chapter A: The output of educational institutions and the impact of learning
EAG 2021, Chapter B: Access to education, participation and progression
EAG 2021, Chapter C: Financial resources invested in education
EAG 2021, Chapter D: Teachers, learning environment and organisation of schools
TALIS 2018: Highlight indicators
TALIS 2018 (Volume I): Teachers and School Leaders as Lifelong Learners
TALIS 2018 (Volume II): Teachers and School Leaders as Valued Professionals
TALIS 2018 (results for primary and upper secondary)
TALIS 2018: Starting Strong Survey
PISA 2018: Highlight indicators
PISA 2018 Results (Volume II): Where All Students Can Succeed
PISA 2018 Results (Volume III): What School Life Means for Students' Lives
PISA 2018 Results (Volume IV): Are Students Smart About Money?
PISA 2018 Results (Volume V): Effective Policies, Successful Schools
PISA 2018 Results (Volume VI): Are Students Ready to Thrive in an Interconnected World?
Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC): Full selection of indicators
Access & Participation
Organisation & Governance
Finance & Funding
Learning environment
Students' Well-Being
School leadership
Evaluation & Quality assurance
Digital divide
Special needs
Socio-economic status
Migrant background
Economic & Social outcomes
Research & Innovation
Trends shaping education
Low performers
Computers, education & skills
Early childhood education & care
Vocational education & training (VET)
Tertiary education
Demographic, social & economic indicators